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While we have a well-founded team over here to manage any stories from sectors like Science, Business, Technology, and Health, we often accept articles from occasional contributors. In other words, an excellent opportunity is waiting for you if you have an interest in reporting news and happenings. You have a golden chance to work with Omnibusgame without having difficulties like deadlines or rush to achieve targets. It also means that you can float free without any worries of work. Although, we have an independent set of rules when it is a question of quality of articles over Omnibusgame.

Above all else, Omnibusgame is against reporting fake and biased news. According to our policies, something fake does not classify as news, which is supposed to be even-handed. Thus, while writing an article for Omnibusgame, reliance on an authentic source is what matters the most. So try to obtain information from a trustworthy source. Even more, an article mustn’t have the influence of political beliefs or something else in your mind. Apart from this, “Becoming a Contributor” at Omnibusgame will pave the way towards having a cup with some of the prominent figures in the news industry.

Please continue to read the page to have a detailed look at instructions. Before you start writing following are some of the points you should note:

  • The story should have a minimum of 300 words. The maximum world limit maybe 350 or more; it depends on the depth at which you write an article.
  • At Omnibusgame, we mostly follow a three-paragraph structure; it could be helpful if you follow the same.
  • Make sure not to leave any crucial aspect of the story.
  • Articles having improper sources will not be accepted. So always refer to authentic news sources while scripting a news article.
  • Omnibusgame expects the use of human-readable language in an article, that too, without grammatical mistakes.
  • Contributed content must be non-plagiarized and not published on any other source of information.
  • Feel free to contact us in case of any queries regarding work submission.

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