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About Us

Omnibusgame is a website having prominence in news reporting. The most remarkable variance is that we aim to establish a platform that would become a link between various parts of the globe and readers. Obviously, developing such a portfolio is challenging due to different illicit exercises in news reporting and journalism. Thus we have crafted a precise set of rules when it comes to reporting a story and releasing post on Omnibusgame. To offer the best of the best form, we have a hand-picked editorial team with a remarkable experience in publishing news.

We have a set of experienced as well as fresher candidates and people from various domains aboard Omnibusgame. Instead of striving for a few journalism policies, we have attempted to fetch specialists for reporting. For example, the Business news story you view on Omnibusgame will have a veteran touch. That is, it will cove insight and information from a businessman or entrepreneur. Same is the case of Science articles. Here science enthusiast will assist you to better understand the happening like any discovery, clinical trial, or any disease-related news. All in all, due to a master hint, the readers will get something other than-than-text information when you end-up reading an article at Omnibusgame. It is also one of the core objectives of our website.

Omnibusgame is entirely against publishing fake content and misleading information. Even more, we often make sure that you get a gist of the story by reading the title itself. Apart from all this, we believe in offering simple and readable news articles. To achieve the integration between top-notch and enjoyable content, we follow a precise set of guidelines. Above all this, Omnibusgame do not support any political party or leader. Therefore, users will always have non-biased news reporting over this news portal. We often accept guest articles from the people who wish to contribute their efforts. To know more about the same, we request you to take a glance at “Become a Contributor” page of Omnibusgame.

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